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That's 2nd place popcorn farts, thx
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re: Bradley Dale Peveto question
Thanks for the non-BBQ responses.

I was just curious because I knew about the Co-DC bit but hadnt seen a definitive answer on what was up. He'll be just a safeties coach at UK since Stoops brought in FSU's Eliot as DC. I don't forsee him running the defense, but glad to hear he's a decent position coach and a recruiter which we need.

Thanks again for the info.

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re: Bradley Dale Peveto question

He wanted him on the staff for recruiting ties.

isn't BDP a good Atlanta recruiter?

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re: Bradley Dale Peveto question
Really nice guy but not a very good coach, IMHO. Co-coordinated a horrible defense at LSU, then took over a Northwestern State team that had gone 7-4 the previous season and returned something like 16 starters -- he went 0-11 with them.

As a position coach, I have no idea.

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re: Bradley Dale Peveto question
I heard a lot of the same especially being a good recruiter.

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re: Bradley Dale Peveto question

During my final year of graduate school I substitute a fair number of High School PE classes in which I spent time in football coaches offices.

In going through the media guides of the programs like ULL, Northwestern State, ULM I did not realize the number of players from bigger programs that end up transferring to these schools. The amount of 'UGA transfer, Kentucky transfer, Tennessee transfer, TX A&M transfer, that ends up at these programs end up comprising a good portion of these schools' roster.

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re: Bradley Dale Peveto question
good recruiter. strong ties to golden triangle in texas.

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re: Bradley Dale Peveto question
yea i think he landed shepp and perry riley

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re: Bradley Dale Peveto question
He had no offensive line his first couple of years. I think he lost 3 or 4 QB's to injuries his first year. I don't think the starter that year made it through the first game either.

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re: Bradley Dale Peveto question
Great guy and UK is getting a good coach.

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