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re: 12 million viewers for last night's game

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Posted by Veritas
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I respect your cheers brother and send one back at you.
Posted by TigerBite
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LSU fans' jimmies are too easy to rustle.

LSU and Texas both lost in the Elite 8.

So your school wasn't already out? I'm confused by your statement...I stated facts
Posted by Havoc
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That’s insane. More than every 2023 World Series game and nearly every NBA Finals game. More than LSU-Bama and LSU-Florida State in football.

Truth? How is that possible?
Off night and Lack of competing events?
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Posted by Havoc
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Look at this dickless frick.
Posted by Keltic Tiger
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Every ......every... SEC road game LSU played this year set attendance records. The last 2 WBB games that set record attendance, NCG last year & this one last nite, LSU played in. Yea, LSU has no brand. Lots of WBB haters here that are ripping the game. So, you watched it, though? But one stupid comment really stands out : "slow in transition"? Dan Patrick, on his show this morning, said "those first 3 quarters were the most controlled fast paced quarters I've seen in a long time". The last quarter Iowa was slowing it down, using the clock. The talking heads on ESPN, pro Iowa or otherwise, none said it was a poorly played game.
Posted by Fairhopeishome
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Posted on 4/3/24 at 7:36 am to
Women's hoops is pure garbage bro. You do realize that an average mens HS player would absolutely dominate the women's game? All these LSU fans are suddenly women's hoops fans because their mens program is a dumpster fire thanks to Will Wade. Not to mention the fact that EVERY women's team is a major money drain for their school.
Posted by tketaco
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Regardless of the loss was a good night for LSU women's basketball.

I was going thru stats concerned that Caitlin was getting favoritism in fouls. Then i went thru the Championship game and forgot that she did get into foul trouble late in the game, especially for swatting the ball from the ref. Refs caught flak for calling a tight game that time but were laxed this game. The only difference was i felt it was entertaining for both sides because we still had a chance if only were hot on 3s like last year.

So I'm not mad at it, we got ourselves a good team and just need to heal up and improve.
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Posted by mattb10
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Unpopular opinion probably here but this game still isn’t going to make me watch anymore women’s basketball. Still kind of boring to me. Clark was Incredible and everyone is riding that high but once she is gone it will be back to what it always was and we know what that is.
Posted by R11
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tried to watch it but found it almost unwatchable other than Clark. Easy misses, players flailing and lots of falling down. I really cant believe it was rated higher than an LSU-Bama game.

This so true

Really triggers some of these new women’s basketball fans.
Posted by tiggah1981
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media did a good job creating a storyline in effort to hype this game up

if it wasn’t for lsu playing then i would have gave zero fricks
Posted by LSUDonMCO
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Posted on 4/3/24 at 11:38 am to
LSU doesn't move the needle. LSU IS THE NEEDLE!
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