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re: 2020 RMD is in the books! Thanks boys.
After much deliberation and unlimited time to research while on furlough I select Wake Forest RB Quinton Cooley

Team Verlander Roster

QB - Evan Prater, Cincinnati
RB - Seth McGowan, Oklahoma
*Quinton Cooley, Wake Forest
WR - Demond Demas, Texas A&M
Marcus Fleming, Nebraska
Roman Wilson, Michigan
*Marcellus Moore, Purdue
*Corey Wren, FSU
TE - Luke Lachey, Iowa
OL - Geirean Hatchett, Washington
Zak Zinter, Michigan
Drake Metcalf, Stanford
Tyrell Lawrence, Minnesota
Sam Peacock, Washington
*Luke Doty, Buffalo

DL - Nash Hutmacher, Nebraska
Khari Coleman, TCU
Jah Joyner, Minnesota
Cooper Davis, Illinois
LB - Wesley Steiner, Auburn
Eric Shaw, South Carolina
Nick Herbig, Wisconsin
*Devin Grant, Colorado
*Cooper McDonald, Washington
DB - Ladarius Tennison, Auburn
David Vincent' West Virginia
Darius Snow, Michigan St
Kenzel Lawler, Utah

Conference breakdown
Big10 - 11
Pac12 - 6
SEC - 4
Big12 - 3
ACC - 2
AAC - 1
MAC - 1
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re: 2020 RMD is in the books! Thanks boys.
And just like that, we’re all done. Everything is updated and final. Hope y’all like the shitty teams y’all drafted, and I’m happy to have the best team again this year.

On the real though, stay safe out there and hopefully y’all aren’t adversely affected with what may be coming.

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re: 2020 RMD is in the books! Thanks boys.
Thanks for doing this again, man. You put a lot of work into it.

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re: 2020 RMD is in the books! Thanks boys.
Some players I'm unofficially claiming

John Gentry, RB, Utah St
Mason Mangum, WR, Cal
Kris Jenkins Jr, DL, Michigan
Dave Herard, DB, Virginia
Jimari Butler, DL, Nebraska
Oliver Nasilai, LB, BYU
Kody Epps WR, BYU
Austin Bolt, TE, Boise St
Connor O'toole, TE, Utah
Patrick Selna, OL, UCLA
Tamarick Best, DL, FIU

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re: 2020 RMD is in the books! Thanks boys.
QB Malik Hornsby Arkansas
RB Bijan Robinson Texas
FLEX Ja'Khi Douglas Florida State (KR)
WR Marvin Mimms Oklahoma
WR Muhsin Muhammed Texas A&M
TE Ben Yurosek Stanford
OT John Young Kentucky
OG Tate Johnson Auburn
OC Trent Howard Clemson
OG Gerald Mincey Florida
OT Jimmy Christ Penn State

DE Breiden McGregor Michigan
NT Jayson Jones Oregon
DT Josaih Hayes Kentucky
OLB Drew Sanders Alabama
ILB Kourt Williams Ohio State
ILB Kevin Swint Clemson
CB Kitan Crawford Texas
S Jordan Toles LSU
S Keshawn Lawrence Tennessee
NB/S Jaiden Francois Nebraska
CB Isaiah Dunson Miami U

QB Chandler Morris Oklahoma
RB Miyan Williams Ohio State
WR Ja'Lynn Polk Texas Tech
NB Fenley Graham Florida (KR) (PR)
SDE/DT Sawyer Goram-Welch Texas
OLB Will Garner Baylor

Thats a solid lineup with added versatility in the supp rounds to change formations

Big12-7 (4) from the supp rounds
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re: 2020 RMD is in the books! Thanks boys.
I only have 2 Walk Ons. Unofficial players.

Sol-Jay Maiava QB BYU kid is a steal. Hate I didn’t draft him!

Isaiah Jacobs RB Maryland. I worked in Owasso for a year. Amazing city. Beautiful and Tulsa surprisingly has some great football played there.

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re: 2020 RMD is in the books! Thanks boys.
QB Ja'Quinden Jackson Texas 6
RB Kendall Milton Georgia 2
RB Ashaad Clayton Colorado 11
WR De'Vian Capers Auburn 7
WR Marc Britt Ole Miss 12
TE Jeremiah Pegues Auburn 10
OT Jaylen Garth Texas 13
OG Jonah Monheim USC 17
OC Carson Lee Colorado 22
OG Bryn Tucker Clemson 15
OT Deondre Buford Kentucky 18

DE Chantz Williams Miami U 4
DT Bryan Bresee Clemson 1
DT Demonte Capehart Clemson 3
DE Alec Bryant Virginia Tech 16
OLB Jonathan Vaughns UCLA 14
ILB Ethan West North Carolina 20
OLB Cole Dakovich Wisconsin 21
CB Jalen Kimber Georgia 5
S Kristian Story Alabama 8
S Jerrin Thompson Texas 9
CB Brandon Jones Stanford 19

Supp Rounds
CB Daran Branch Georgia 1
K Jared Zirkel Georgia 1
LB Tyson Meiguez Georgia Tech 2
QB Keilon Brown Memphis 2
ATH Myles Price Texas Tech 3
WR Corey Dyches Maryland 3


This is absolutely a great squad. In my unbiased opinion, if Jackson gets the nod at Texas I think this is by far the best squad this season.

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