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Propane Grill Shopping

Posted on 2/14/24 at 7:20 pm
Posted by The Goon
Baton Rouge, LA
Member since Nov 2008
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Posted on 2/14/24 at 7:20 pm
I’m in the market for a new grill and want to upgrade. I’m not in my forever home and want to spend about $1000.

Any ideas on where to start looking or any good deals upcoming?
Posted by PenguinPubes
Frozen Tundra
Member since Jan 2018
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Posted on 2/14/24 at 7:42 pm to
If you’re not in your forever home, just go to academy or Home Depot and grab one for a 2-3 hundred bucks

If you do want to spend that much, my brother had one of these that looked like granite and had drawers and stuff. I’ll put a link to something similar that he had. It’s not the best, but if you want storage for cheap, it’s a good option


This isn’t the model he had, but it was something similar to this.
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Posted by dstone12
Member since Jan 2007
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Posted on 2/14/24 at 7:53 pm to
Broil King is a Canadian made similar variety to a Weber.

But I say go cheap until you settle down.
Posted by TheOcean
Member since Aug 2004
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Posted on 2/14/24 at 8:59 pm to
Get a badass weber genesis used on Craigslist. I paid like $300 for mine and it is awesome. Retails for 1k+
Posted by gumbo2176
Member since May 2018
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Posted on 2/15/24 at 7:26 am to

Get a badass weber genesis

I have a Weber Genesis and it replaced a Charbroil 5 burner that I was having to buy replacement parts for just about every year.

I've not had to buy a single replacement part for my Weber and it's now 5 years old and still going strong. I also love that it is so easy to pull apart to do a deep cleaning----which I do at least twice a year.

Between the Weber and my 3 smokers I'm set for most any type grilling or smoking needs most homeowner's will ever see.
Posted by Tigerbait2323
Baton Rouge
Member since Jul 2010
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Posted on 2/15/24 at 10:45 am to
BBQ Guys in Baton Rouge.

I went with the Napoleon and love it.
Posted by Wtodd
Tampa, FL
Member since Oct 2013
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Posted on 2/15/24 at 11:10 am to
Weber; whatever you can afford
Posted by Cypressknee
Member since Jul 2017
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Posted on 2/15/24 at 11:39 am to

I had contacted them after probably 2 years of having mine, 4 burner gas model. The right burner would never light. They sent me a whole new gas tube replacement kit. Called them said that didn’t help because it wasn’t my issue. They sent me an entire replacement ignitor kit. Went to install it and saw the ignitor that wasn’t working was unplugged lol. I should be OK for a while and happy with their CS.
Posted by The Goon
Baton Rouge, LA
Member since Nov 2008
1238 posts
Posted on 2/17/24 at 3:27 pm to
Thanks for the recommendations. Found a Weber genesis e335 for 799. Seems extremely sturdy and a great value as my last grill only lasted 3 years with a refurbishment and is now $450 at Home Depot.
Posted by lynxcat
Member since Jan 2008
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Posted on 2/17/24 at 7:46 pm to
Napoleon is the best value out there. I was very pleased with mine prior to upgrading to a built in.

The infrared burner is legit if you like to cook steaks.
Posted by 22jctiger22
Member since Apr 2013
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Posted on 2/18/24 at 1:53 pm to
Weber Genesis
Posted by concrete_tiger
Member since May 2020
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Posted on 2/18/24 at 6:55 pm to
I snagged a weber for $50 off Facebook a few years back. I was quick on the draw. It was almost new. A business had one they used once for an event, and they were relocating and needed it gone that day.

There's a Genesis in my town right now for $125.
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