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Workouts for Old Men (60+)
My dad is about to turn 64 and is looking for a basic workout program.

I was hoping to find a recommendation for a fitness person I could pay for a custom program to get for my dads birthday.

Does anyone know a fitness person that does custom programs that I could reach out to?

Needs to be pretty basic since he is older and work with specific equipment like TRX, kettlebells, etc (that’s why I’m willing to pay for custom).

Any help would be appreciated.

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re: Workouts for Old Men (60+)
i put my folks through a combination of these movements as often as possible. the "glute/ham wakeup"
air squats, free and banded
bird dogs
glute bridges, dl and sl
horse kicks (hold for a beat at the top, bring leg 1/2 way down)
banded good mornings
kb deadlifts
kb swings
farmers carries
banded lateral walks

my folks are 70. i join them on these exercises and try to get 20 minutes out of them. also include various yoga/strength stretches, hold for 10s min before switching
down dog
Cossack squats
kneeling lunge
hamstring stretches
side bends

hope that helps

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re: Workouts for Old Men (60+)
Man nobody can answer that without doing a proper assessment. But generalstrength, stability and power should be the areas of focus.

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re: Workouts for Old Men (60+)
My dad is quite a bit older than that and has limited mobility due to severe arthritis. One thing he can do and is willing to do is a modified form of rifle PT like he learned in the Army, although of course a lot less strenuous. My mom has a bad hip but she walks on the treadmill for 20 minutes or so and does some very light, gentle calisthenics.

Would your dad be willing to try yoga?

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