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Annual physical questions (random)
I have fairly standard insurance (on an HSA) and interested in hearing all options even if not covered. I've started having an annual physical for the past few years and due for another one.

I think my testosterone levels are fine but have never had it checked. Is there a way to add this to lab work? Any other recommended additions?

The recent BMI discussion led to checking mine from recent physicals. Always slightly above or below 25 (also 32 waist). The higher BMI was from winter months when I take creatine and also extra layers of clothes when being weighed. There is no current insurance impact for me so is there any reason at all to keep it under 25? The scale is located in a busy section by all of the admins but I would be getting nekkid if significant cost savings.

The place I go is a group of 8-10 doctors and I've used several, mostly due to availability when I need an appointment urgently. Most of my physicals ('cough cough' hernia) have been done by a semi-attractive 40ish Asian female doctor. I may be due for my 1st prostate exam soon. Would I also prefer the Asian doctor or does that get too personal? I know the main thing about prostate exams but intentionally stayed away from the finer details. Gotta face the music eventually.
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re: Annual physical questions (random)
I’m interested in this as well. Gotta have a physical annually and would just like to know my T levels for the hell of it.

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re: Annual physical questions (random)
Asian female probably has small fingers. I'd stick with her

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re: Annual physical questions (random)
BMI is complete garbage if you are serious weightlifter. I am always in 24-33 range even when my actual body fat is under 12% and clothes falling off me because I used to be semi serious body builder/ weight lifter. ( Same routines no juice) Also had the creatine issue. So 46 inch chest 31 inch waist and was still overweight because of muscle mass.

Use caliper test or something else

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re: Annual physical questions (random)
My GP is an attractive Indian female and at my last physical she told me the research is saying prostate exams are not indicated if:
- you aren't in a high risk group (African American, family history, typical risk factors for other cancers)
- PSA test is within normal limits.

So at 46 now we review my blood tests and with PSA normal no digital exam is needed. At least that's what I'm told.

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