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re: Advice for 3 year old son
not sure about at 3 but I think it is important to introduce proper grib at an early age. Any kids club with a formed grip trainer will do. Other than that I always brought a few wiffle balls for the kids to hit. Don't worry about balance kids will swing through the ball. Just making contact and swinging hard is a great start at a young age

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re: Advice for 3 year old son
I know a lot about junior golf clubs. Actually started an Ebay business refurbishing them as a hobby.

Unfortunately, the set you bought are not great. They are very heavy and the iron is awful.

I'd recommend you get at least an iron from US Kids. He needs the UL-39, better if you order with the training grip LINK

In the backyard use tennis balls and foam baseballs to prevent wiffs and get the ball flying. The best backyard ball is called "almost golf". It's a hard foam so it still feels like a golf ball without the danger of breaking a window. My kid is now 7 so I went thru all of this recently.
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re: Advice for 3 year old son
make sure he is having fun....don't overthink it.

piling on what previous poster stated:

My oldest used US Kids Clubs up to age 13.

The biggest mistake I see at tournaments, DCP, golf camps, etc. is the kids with clubs that are way too heavy or too big. I can't stress the importance of this.

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re: Advice for 3 year old son
I bought those 'almost golf' balls for my 2 year old and they were great. Won't break a window and still go a pretty good distance.

I also got him a set like that from Dicks but I agree it's been too heavy for him so I'll look into the US Kids golf.

To the OP, just let him do his thing. I take my now-3 y/o out on the course every Monday when it's closed - we park at a tee and hit a lot of tee shots, fairway shots, and then go putt on a green.

When we first started, I stood behind him and showed him what swinging the club back and through felt like a few times but I haven't told him anything since then. Keep it fun, he isn't going to develop a love for the game at 3, he just wants to spend time with you.

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re: Advice for 3 year old son

I think thats one of my son's problems is that his clubs are too heavy. I think a new set from US Kids may get brought by Santa this year.

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