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When you start a new game series...
Do you feel like you have to start with the first one? Or do you feel like you can start in the middle? I always feel like I have to play in order so that's why I ask, even if the previous versions are old and out of date.

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re: When you start a new game series...
Just depends really. I played maybe an hour of the first Assassin's Creed and hated it. Never bothered with the story, but 2 was an amazing game. My first Splinter Cell was Chaos Theory, though. I know the first 2 were good games themselves, but when I tried to play the first one, it annoyed me that there were certain features not available.

If the earlier games are pretty old, I have no problem looking up the story so I'm somewhat caught up.

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re: When you start a new game series...
Yes. But I'm a story/lore whore.

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re: When you start a new game series...
For me it's based on a number of factors.

Like when it comes to Zelda games, I can play skyward sword and then go back to Link to the Past and still enjoy that game even though skyward sword has way more features. I guess when games in a series age well with time you can do this.

Now if I was just getting into the Metal Gear Solid series, I would for sure start from MGS just because there was way more emphasis on story than gameplay.

Typically if it's a series of games where all the games build upon each other heavily gameplay wise, for example Resistance 1 to Resistance 3 or God of War 1 to God of War 3, I play them in order or else you'll just get frustrated by the lack of features.

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re: When you start a new game series...
Nope. Started playing Hitman for the first time with the new release and started playing God of War 3 with no desire to play the first 2.

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