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re: Vr baws, is it worth it?
Keep me updated on Borderlands.

I'm just not sure I can really get into it because I spent so much time playing it already. Same for Skyrim and Fallout.

Thought about another trip to the Baker mansion and got scared just thinking about it.

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re: Vr baws, is it worth it?
I’m extremely invested in VR.

I have a Vive pro with wireless and full body tracking pucks and dev release knuckles.

It’s not worth it for the average user. Personally with Steam’s version releasing probably this year, I would hold off.

I’d start off with a regular Vive or Oculus depending on your feelings toward Zuckerberg if you can’t wait for the Steam version.

Biggest difference right now is full body tracking, wireless, and controllers.

Headsets are about equal once you put the upgrade kit with speakers on the Vive. Controllers are hands down better on the Oculus. Full body tracking and good wireless is only available on Vive.
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re: Vr baws, is it worth it?
Just want to say this is my first full week with PSVR(after two years) and I'm extremely satisfied.

Rick and Morty is amazing, I really feel like I'm in the RM universe. It's unreal..

Superhot makes me feel like Neo from The Matrix, soooo much fun

Accounting+ , so fricking weird, it's like a Justin Roiland acid trip, hilarious.

Borderlands 2 VR, never played the original, I'm all in so much fun

Beat Saber really shines.

All these quality experiences are going to make me get Skyrim VR and Doom.

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re: Vr baws, is it worth it?
I finally had the balls to finish this. What. a. fricking. game. Just, wow. The adrenaline you experience while running away from Jack is the most unique feeling I've ever felt from a game.

Once I finally got the shotgun and flame thrower it got drastically less scary

Question for those that have played the DLCs, are they worth it?

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