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Manor Lords

Posted on 6/13/24 at 1:24 pm
Posted by MikelArteta
Your mother's
Member since Apr 2024
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Posted on 6/13/24 at 1:24 pm
Sometimes you just gotta move armies around on a map every once in a while to decompress.

Absolutely loving this game at the moment. Graphics are nice, in game economy is solid, battle feature is very cool. While its still in early access, this game is very fun and has a bunch of potential.
Posted by GrammarKnotsi
Member since Feb 2013
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Posted on 6/13/24 at 2:02 pm to
give it a week

glad it was a Gamepass game
Posted by MikelArteta
Your mother's
Member since Apr 2024
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Posted on 6/13/24 at 2:25 pm to
Did you get bored of it after a while? I can see it would get stale since it seems there will become a point where you cannot do much more.

Do you play anything similar you would say is better?
Posted by el Gaucho
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Posted on 6/13/24 at 2:25 pm to
It kinda sucks ngl
Posted by BottomlandBrew
Member since Aug 2010
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Posted on 6/14/24 at 3:34 pm to
It has potential, but it needs a lot of work. I played a good bit when it dropped, but stopped because of annoying things that weren't finished or didn't work right. It's early access, so that's to be expected, but I'm glad I got it on gamepass and didn't pay full price.
Posted by SugarAggie
Member since Mar 2019
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Posted on 6/15/24 at 10:04 am to
Until they expand on what you can build, such as an actual castle, fortifications, design/choose the style architecture, I don’t think I’ll buy it. It looks like it has great potential but just seems like I’d get bored of it pretty quick.
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