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Spices- build your own or buy premaid?
I was wondering if everyone buys their spices premaid or builds their own?

Also, if you build your own. Do you buy your spices from the grocery store or somewhere else?
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re: Spices- build your own or buy premaid?
The only time I mix my own is if I'm in New York City and need one of the Paul Prudhomme seasoning magic mixes. I get the individual spices at Spice and Tease in Chelsea Market and would suggest stopping by when in the area.

In BR, I like Red Stick Spice Co. and you can find a lot of mixes made there. My favorite from there is Ras el Hanout, which means "top shelf" and it's a mix of all the best spices in the store. I use it in moussaka and other beef or lamb casserole dishes. It's excellent in spaghetti sauce.
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re: Spices- build your own or buy premaid?
I buy dried peppers and grind them for my chili mix and new mexico red chili mix (for enchiladas and burritos). I've ground chipotle powder from dried chipotles and even smoked my own garden grown jalapenos to make dried chipotles and ground those but never achieved a great result.

I buy my dried peppers at the grocery store, usually the Fiesta near me as they have a huge selection of dried peppers. I use an old coffee grinder to grind the peppers and then mix as follows:

Chili Mix:
8 tbl Ancho
11 tbl Cascabel
4 tbl Arbol
4 tbl Chipotle
2 tbl Pasilla
2 tbl New Mexico
2 tbl granulated garlic
3 tbl fresh oregano chopped
2 tbl cumin
2 tbl smoked paprika

This make about 1 1/2 cups by volume of chili mix which is way more than I use in a typical 12 serving batch. I can't say exactly how much I put in my chili but I do put a few tablespoons in at the start and again midway through cooking. About 10 minutes before flame out I taste and add whatever amount more I feel like the batch needs and salt to taste. I put the leftover powder in the freezer and will use it in another chili if I make one within a month of the grind. Otherwise, I will grind a new batch as peppers lose a lot of flavor really quick....which is why store bought mixes are so-so.

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re: Spices- build your own or buy premaid?

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re: Spices- build your own or buy premaid?
Zap, you ever make a chili purée in a blender? I had issues getting a fine grind on dried roasted chilies in both a spice grinder & mortar. Blender was no issue.

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