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re: Ireland interview with Bears is tomorrow
IMO: Two biggest individual things that could sink the Saints current streak of good seasons, above all else:

1) Sean Payton Leaving (seems unlikely)
2) Jeff Ireland leaving

This team has put itself in a cap situation that requires consistent reloading of cheap, good players via the draft. It is very critical we keep Ireland.

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Saints need to elevate him to GM.

The only way he stays IMO. But there were reports that this would happen eventually with Mickey being promoted to a president type role but still helping out.

There’s several reasons why he’d pick us over the Bears if we gave him the GM role.

1. Ownership. With the hires the Bears have made, and with how little success they’ve had, sticking with the Saints seems like the better and safer bet with an owner willing to do whatever it takes and however much they can spend, to win.

2. Stability within the organization. The Saints have a top 3 coach in the league and years of experience and mentorship with Mickey Loomis to fall back on. The Bears don’t have this. Ireland and Payton work well together. Whose to say the new Bears HC wouldn’t clash with Ireland and vice versa? It’s a lot to gamble on

3. The Bears roster needs a lot of work. And a lot of the success Ireland can have with the Bears is dependent on some other coach mentoring Fields into a franchise QB. Payton made Jameis a winner until he got hurt. Why not continue to help build an already formidable roster with the potential to go to the next level quickly with Jameis or even someone like Rodgers/Wilson or even the potential of drafting the heir apparent with a proven QB whisperer like Payton?

The only way I can see Ireland leaving is if the Bears are just a dream job for him and he sees an opportunity with Fields while he’s done as much as he can with the Saints.
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