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Founder of Klutch Sports Group, Rich Paul ,is offering some free business advice, explaining to TMZ Sports he believes a career switch to pickleball could yield huge benefits for pro tennis players if they officially traded in rackets for paddles...

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SuperOcean13 months
Never never take anyone seriously that spells clutch with a "k"

That being said. I was out to eat a bit back and pickle ball was on.... It made WNBA seem exciting
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John Gotti13 months
It's almost like his client Lebron James is an investor in major league pickleball
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Bjorn Cyborg13 months
No one, and I mean no one, gives a frick about pro pickleball. And I say that as someone who enjoys playing. Every leisure activity doesn't need to be a professional sport. Anyone remember the pro raquetball tour in the 1980s? Same thing.
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SECSolomonGrundy13 months
This guy is a clown
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