The Tampa Bay Lightening Have Damaged The Stanley Cup Trophy
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports
The Stanley Cup is being sent to Montreal for repairs. The Tampa Bay Lightening have managed to damage the trophy after winning their second consecutive title...

The bowl of the 128-year-old was dented to the point it looked like Flat Stanley Cup.

It has been damaged and fixed before, including when the 2018 champion Washington Capitals did “Cup” stands after winning the first NHL tile in franchise history. The Cup is still scheduled to be ready for the start of the Lightning’s summer of Stanley that players didn’t get to enjoy after winning last fall.

“What we’re hoping is getting two days with the Cup: back-to-back days,” three-in-a-row champion Patrick Maroon said last week.
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udtiger31 months
Lololololololol Drunkards gonna drunkard
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PhilK31 months
Between his inability to spell "lightning" and his repeated attempts to rename Alica Schmidt, I'm starting to think Larry gets paid by the letter. The more letters the better, I guess.
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CAD703X31 months
what a maroon
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Mulkey Man31 months
Lighten up, Francis.
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CHEDBALLZ31 months
Best trophy in sports
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KennabraTiger31 months
Of course you spell it “lightening”
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