You Have To Hear What Washington's Ex-Cheerleader Director Says Dan Snyder Told Him
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On Friday, The Washington Post released an in-depth story about how toxic the work environment was for team cheerleaders and what owner Dan Snyder told his former Cheerleader Director to hire...

In August, The Post reported that the team had produced lewd videos out of outtakes from the cheerleaders’ 2008 and 2010 swimsuit calendar shoots that include partial nudity. ...

Then-senior vice president Larry Michael told broadcasting staffers to produce the videos, according to two ex-employees, one of whom said the footage was to be assembled for team owner Daniel Snyder. Snyder and Michael have denied any knowledge of the videos, copies of which were obtained by The Post.

The videos include clips during which some of the cheerleaders’ nipples are exposed as they shift positions or adjust props shielding their breasts. Two of the women’s pubic areas are obscured only partly by body paint. The videos are set to the same three classic rock hits, including one each by The Rolling Stones and U2, two bands Snyder said were his favorites in a 2011 interview. ...

Like the cheerleaders he led, Donald Wells, who served as director from 1997 to 2009, is taking a hard look back at his experience with the team. He regrets that he could not have done more to protect the women. He also recalled a remark by Snyder that Wells said reveals his disrespect for the cheerleaders, their hard work and the value they brought to the team.

“You better keep them skinny with big tits or I’ll f------ kill you,” Wells said Snyder told him at a 2004 charity event where the squad performed.

Snyder, who has been the team’s majority owner since 1999, declined an interview request for this story and did not respond to questions sent to his attorney and public relations firm about the comment Wells said he made.

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user avatar
TigerTail340 months
"is taking a hard look back at his experience with the team"
user avatar
CanebreakCajun40 months
Should he have pushed for flat bottomed fatties?
user avatar
GeauxsomeMeaux40 months
Oooohhh... Riveting!!!
user avatar
Section22540 months
Whats wrong with what he said?
user avatar
BigTimer2340 months
I mean he did say, “Or I’ll fricking kill you”...
user avatar
bcoop19940 months
2004...don't care...either come forward in a reasonable time frame or take it to the grave with you.
user avatar
Ronaldo Burgundiaz40 months
Oh my god. That’s disgusting. Where are these videos so that I can purge them from my Internet?
user avatar
Xcalibur201740 months
What a joke
user avatar
Water Mocassin40 months
Perhaps they should be called the nip slips.
user avatar
Gevans1740 months
16 years ago?
user avatar
LSU Tiger Eyes40 months
I think Wells speaks with a lisp.
user avatar
Bige1140 months
Larry, gonna need video evidence of this video to examine all the facts.
user avatar
FaCubeItches40 months
"“You better keep them skinny with big tits or I’ll f------ kill you,” Wells said Snyder told him at a 2004 charity event where the squad performed." To be fair, "fat and flat" probably isn't the way to go with a cheerleader squad.
user avatar
Triple Bogey40 months
If he really said this, I find it both appalling, and hilarious.
user avatar
JackieTreehorn40 months
I like Synder even more now.
user avatar
Boring40 months
"OMG you HAVE to hear what..." Aside from the incessant typos, your histrionic "reporting" style is fricking embarrassing.
user avatar
jdd4840 months
Dan Snyder frequents the OT? Comments like that would suggest so.
user avatar
Wolfmanjack40 months
White men like thin ladies with big tits? Who knew?
user avatar
TFH40 months
So I’m not white now? Does this mean I can say the N word?
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