During Saturday's 44-16 win over the Orlando Guardians, the Houston Roughnecks dialed up a trick play that wouldn't fly in the NFL...
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Ghost of Colby12 months
Jontre Kirklin throwing bombs in the XFL.
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RoyalAir12 months
The roughnecks have a better logo, name, and uniform than their NFL counterpart.
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Nix to Twillie12 months
Probably would beat them head to head too
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Jabontik12 months
ok - Tuddy - you go deep. Geo - cut left to the coke can, then cut over to the fence. I'll hit you, you hit Tuddy. got it? On 2 READY.... BREAK.
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holdem Tiger12 months
Appears to have been officiated properly. Another difference from nfl
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oldtrucker12 months
Yeah, don't like
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brett40812 months
Agreed. Passing the ball twice is a stupid rule. I guess it could be exciting, but scores should be in the 80s with that rule
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