WatchEd Orgeron Tell Crazy Story About Recruiting Adrian Peterson
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Former LSU coach Ed Orgeron paid a visit to Dan Patrick last week and shared this insane story about recruiting NFL great Adrian Peterson...
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HoustonGumbeauxGuy26 months
The lengths coaches go to are fricking outrageous…and NIL is only going to take this to astronomical levels.
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panzer26 months
That's an amazing story. O has hundreds of them.
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jatilen26 months
That's an amazing blonde. O has hundreds of them.
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ELchapoLSU26 months
I can’t wait until the tell all book comes out about his time at LSU lol
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CDawson26 months
The best part is he couldn't buy AP a ginger bread cookie. Does anybody really believe that with the amount of cash USC was pumping into players in those days? Great story, love O.
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kjntgr26 months
I don’t understand how a jail in the state of Oklahoma only gets Oklahoma games, makes no sense
user avatar
DeafVallyBatnR26 months
I like Coach O but I can't listen to that language he speaks. I have to change it in my head to English and I get a headache.
user avatar
CanebreakCajun26 months
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abellsujr26 months
After running LSU into the ground, he’s created a public image of being a fun, likable guy now. Well played O. Well played.
user avatar
Mr. Hangover26 months
He was like that before. The only people that don’t see that are the try hards on TD
user avatar
xGeauxLSUx26 months
How does that dick taste?
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