The Fastest Guys At NFL Combine Will Take Home This Porsche
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports
According to ESPN, adidas will give the three runners with the best times in the 40-yard dash at the NFL Draft Combine a Porsche. However...

Three players will win Porsche 911 Carrera cars.

The offer comes from Adidas, which is promising the cars, worth about $83,000 each, to the three fastest players in the combine's 40-yard dash who sign with the company before they step up to the line.
The cars will come with this awful customized cheetah paint job...
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user avatar
johnnydrama110 months
Hopefully that's just a wrap and it can be peeled off. Immediately.
user avatar
Datbayoubengal110 months
repaint it all white, get some black wheels, and that bitch is fire! Don't care what it looks like now. That's a free Porsche.
user avatar
Marco Esquandolas110 months
Not a Turbo, or even an "S"?
user avatar
Cmlsu5618110 months
Yeah this crap won't help player attrition..
user avatar
OleRockyTop110 months
Free Porsche; I wouldn't give a shite what it looked like
user avatar
CarterWilson717110 months
So you have to sign with adidas BEFORE you run? Wonder what's the details of the contract. Taking advantage of these kids and bribing them is wrong. How can they get away with this. Sounds like some traveling carnival game craps. Smh
user avatar
PsychTiger110 months
The players fast enough to win the car will probably love that paint job.
user avatar
SoulGlo110 months
I'm certainly interested in the cleats now though.
user avatar
Reservoir dawg110 months
A turbo costs around 150k these days and would be more than most people could handle. A 911, enough said.
user avatar
DVinBR110 months
welp, time to get training, i got this
user avatar
MC5601110 months
$5000 paint job for a $85000 car.. I'm in
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