Today's lesson: Don't get in a prank war with a Pittsburgh Steelers fan. They will put your house up for sale for Super Bowl tickets and say your wife is leaving you...

Per NBC 9News in Denver...

“Getting divorced: leaving her with nothing,” the ad reads. “Will sell home for 2 tickets to the Super Bowl with airfare and lodging.” It goes on to list Lusk’s number and shows a picture of his home. It didn’t take him long to put the pieces together.

“I have a buddy who’s a good Pittsburgh Steelers fan – and we had some bets going for the Steelers game and of course the Broncos won so I rode him pretty hard for two or three days and gave him a lot of heck,” Lusk said.

Lusk is not getting divorced. His wife confirms.

And he is not selling his house. He moved in with his wife and children about six months ago.
Well done.

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At least it's a newspaper so no one really reads it.
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Should have gone for the "Sunday Open House"
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