So, Who Was America’s Most-Hated NFL Team In 2018? Patriots.
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This isn't completely surprising. If you were wondering who was the most NFL hated team in 2018, here's your answer...
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The 2018 hate leaders (by state total)
1st — Patriots: 13 (Alaska, Colorado, Hawaii, Florida, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Nebraska, New York, Utah, Wyoming)
2nd — Jets: 6 (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont)
3rd (tied) — Cowboys: 4 (Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia)
3rd (tied) — Eagles: 4 (Arkansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas)
3rd (tied) — Packers: 4 (Illinois, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota)
3rd (tied) — Saints: 4 (Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina)
7th (tied) — 49ers: 3 (Idaho, Montana, Washington)
7th (tied) — Cowboys: 3 (New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia)
9th (tied) — Bears: 2 (Michigan, Wisconsin)
9th (tied) — Falcons: 2 (Louisiana, Mississippi)
9th (tied) — Rams: 2 (Oregon, Arizona)
9th (tied) — Seahawks: 2 (California, Nevada)
9th (tied) — Steelers: 2 (Ohio, Washington D.C.)
14th (tied) — Ravens: 1 (West Virginia)
14th (tied) — Texans: 1 (Tennessee)
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user avatar
saints502164 months
frick the Falcons
user avatar
OU81264 months
frick the Benson family and their $400 million they are screwing the state taxes out of!
user avatar
KCT64 months
I hate the Panthers & Cowboys the most. The Panthers because of $cam, and the Cowboys because they're the Cowboys.
user avatar
Vacherie Saint64 months
Why the 'Girls twice?
user avatar
Good, frick the Patriots.
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