Rich Eisen Names Favorite To Win 2023 Super Bowl
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On a recent episode of The Rich Eisen Show, the longtime NFL commentator ranked his top picks to win the Super Bowl...
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bcoop19923 months
Packers? They couldn't win 1 home playoff game with Adams now he thinks they'll win the SB without him??????
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DeafVallyBatnR23 months
If Brady goes to Miami. Does the list change? I bet it does.
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Lynxrufus201223 months
So that means the Chiefs or Titans will win it all.
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white perch23 months
Defense wins Super Bowls
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TGK4LSU23 months
NFL is a quarterback's league. If yours doesn't have a top 10 QB rating, your chances of winning the SB are slim.
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Cockopotamus23 months
The following QBs have either won or played in a super bowl: Trent Dilfer Colin Kaepernick Joe Flacco Jimmy Garapolo Crippled Peyton Manning Eli Manning Nick Foles Jared Goff
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DByrd223 months
Cock, you forgot about the great Rex Grossman.
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RazzleDazzle23 months
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