That Peyton Manning guy is smart. Remember this play on Sunday against the Steelers?
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“I don’t really want to analyze this play too much,” he said. “I’d kind of like it to go away, if it could. I was stepping up. When you fake that way and kind of get your head around, I felt that guy closing, so I stepped up and kind of leaned forward. My momentum kind of just took me down, I guess. I didn’t think that he had touched me. I told Emmanuel just to kind of be alert in case I fall down, get back up to be uncovered.”
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ready4something97 months
if a defensive lineman would have jumped on him, the referees would have thrown an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for roughing the passer.
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BadTyreke97 months
Shouldn't have counted. He gave himself up. Play should've been blown dead.
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siliconvalleytiger97 months
He's doing everything he can given his limitations now. You have to respect him.
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eddieray97 months
Reaching deep into the bag of tricks
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CaptainJ4797 months
Very cerebral guy
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RandySavage97 months
Looks to me like he just knows he's old and clumsy.
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C97 months
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