Patrick Peterson Says Two WRS Have
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Arizona Cardinals DB and former LSU Tiger, Patrick Peterson, was on the Dan Patrick Show on Tuesday, where he was asked who he thought the fastest wide receivers in the game are. His response...

“The fastest receiver I ever went against is Mike Wallace — by far,” said Peterson. “Him and DeSean Jackson have what I call crackhead speed. The speed is hard to explain because those guys are so fast and you have to be on your A-Game when you go against them.”

“Wait, crackhead speed?” Patrick asked. “That’s not an official term.”

“Yeah, it’s not an official term, it’s just something we say back in the neighborhood back home,” Peterson replied. “When you’re really, really fast you call it crackhead speed. … I don’t know what it is, what those guys were drinking coming up, but those guys definitely have a different speed than some of the other guys around the league.”
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Volmanac111 months
Getting away from the cops speed.
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arseinclarse111 months
I always run at donut lover speed.
user avatar
LT111 months
I understood what he meant.
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swinetime111 months
"you ain't gonna catch a crackhead"
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SECSolomonGrundy111 months
crackheads that only know how to run one route
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Nolatiger1987111 months
He is honey badger's mentor!
user avatar
11thACR111 months
Unfortunate Comment....
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