UPDATE: The 2-year-old son of Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson died Friday afternoon in Sioux Falls, S.D., from injuries sustained during an aggravated assault on Thursday, police said.

Minnesota RB Adrian Peterson missed practice Thursday for "personal reasons." It's now being reported that those "reasons" have his 2-year-old son in critical condition at a South Dakota hospital after allegedly being beaten by his mother’s boyfriend...

"According to law enforcement, emergency responders arrived to the apartment where Peterson’s son was living at 5:46 PM on Wednesday … and found the child unresponsive.

He was rushed to a nearby hospital and medical experts determined the injuries were consistent with abuse."
Peterson returned to Minnesota this morning and will address the media today.
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lsutothetop126 months
Peterson will leave at halftime to break every bone in this fricker's body... and STILL put up 200 yards
user avatar
GMoney28126 months
If AD does play, I wouldn't want to be playing defense against him. Dude is going to have 300 yards on Sunday
user avatar
LazyEyes126 months
@FutureBillionaire obviously you have never been to court against a woman...bad situation to be in I feel bad for the kid, but this is the type of stuff that happens when you have babies for different women and leave them unprotected.
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ThreauxDown11126 months
WTF!! I hope AP goes Hernandez on his arse! But he needs to get someone else to do it.
user avatar
Bama98126 months
Dead spin saying this may not actually be AP's son. No paternity test ever taken. Sad story though.
user avatar
Future_FlexZone126 months
Why wouldn't AP have custody of his own son?
user avatar
Chicken126 months
Kick his arse, AP!
user avatar
stonedbegonias126 months
Wow, I can't imagine the anger AP must be feeling. Hopefully the little fella pulls through.
user avatar
Foolish cock126 months
Wtf. If i were AP i would be on the way to South Dakota with a tack hammer
user avatar
TheShwenz126 months
Why would you beat another man's 2 year old son? More importantly, why would you beat ADRIAN PETERSON'S 2 year old son?
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