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During Seattle Seahawks DB Richard Sherman's epic rant after the NFC Championship Game, he lays into 49ers WR Michael Crabtree as FOX’s Erin Andrews looked on in disgust. Sherman called Crabtree a “sorry wide receiver” and said that No. 15 should never talk about him ever again. A few hours later, Crabtree responded to Sherman on Twitter...

Michael Crabtree
Film don't lie... @nflnetwork @espn pull up the tape of that game and show me where this guy is the best? #fake #fake #fake
10:18 PM - 19 Jan 2014
Who do you side with, Crabtree or Sherman?
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Tommy Patel121 months
the more I hear sherman the more I like him, Crabtree needs to grow up
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Henry Jones Jr121 months
Sherman. He's catching too much shit. And Kaepernick did choke the game away so his gesture towards him was accurate.
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jeffroid121 months
Watch the film? I watched the game. Sherman was targeted twice the whole night. One was a questionable defensive holding call, guess what happened the other time?

I am not a fan of Sherman's act, but Crabtree is a punk. He was a punk in college, and is a punk as a pro. He is not worthy of sniffing Sherman's jock.
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HeavyCore121 months
How in the flying frick is Sherman underrated when he's consistently called the best corner in the NFL?
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JimmyHDeridderhigh121 months
Sherman's a 6'3" underrated corner. Guy wants to make a name and he's doing it. Team winner
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Florida225121 months
frick the 49ers but in this case I'm Team Crabtree.
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choccityboy121 months
Obviously,his "roids" have kicked in!
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Magicmikeforlsu121 months
Sherman is a TPOS!!!!
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DrSteveBrule121 months
I'm not really giving Sherman the benefit of the doubt here. He has a history of being an over-reactionary... just watch his interview with skip bayless.
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