Here's what we know about Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch: He loves Skittles. He hates the media and kids. While he was walking around Green Bay, Wisconsin over the weekend, a group of young fans started following him. I think this freaked him a out some, because he kind of went into BeastMode on them...

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Gumbo1105 months
If they were not real fans and just trying to get a rise out of him and he reacted that way, I could understand his actions. From what I saw, he was wrong. If I were a fan of his, I would not be now. Truth be told, I was kind of a fan due to his RB skills a bit but not one to follow him around. ML needs to realize at the mid to latter part of his career needs to bolster his status with fan support and not just yards per carry.

I must admit it was funny how the white kids following him backed off like him like penicillin when he got aggressive. If I were a fan, I would have simply said, you "were" my hero and now you proved otherwise.
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19105 months
House shoes, Baw, House Shoes.
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HarryBalzack105 months
Is he wearing one of those house arrest bracelet?
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hg105 months
He was walking like he had shackles on.
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papasmurf1269105 months
Was he wearing bedroom slippers?
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txbd105 months
Larry dropping the click bait like he's fishing for Reddit Karma. Well done LL
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Bama Shotgun105 months
Stop invading his bubble
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Lsu101205105 months
They should of offered him skittles.
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TigahSaint105 months
Lmao why does he walk like that with his chin all up
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Dignan105 months
Um, that was beast mode? That seemed fairly tame.
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FishinTygah84105 months
i would not follow one of the most unstable dudes in the NFL.
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aVatiger105 months
While i kinda agree with Marshawn, he needs to realize he is a public figure and stuff like this is going to happen. If he doesn't like it, hire private security and they will take care of stalkers.
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SwaggerVance105 months
So would I. Like a bunch of zombies were following him. People are weird af.
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