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According to ESPN, The Tennessee Titans and Marcus Mariota, who is the only 2015 first-round pick yet to sign a contract, remains without a deal due to the teams determination to have offset language in Mariota's contract.

Offset language allows teams to recapture guaranteed money if the player is released and signs with another team.

If the Titans give Mariota a contract without offset language, that would allow him to "double dip" and receive payment from another team as well as from the Titans should he not play out his deal.
Titans interim CEO and president Steve Underwood says that while missed time at the start of camp isn't ideal, it also wouldn't be deadly.

The Titans report to camp on July 30 and practice for the first time on July 31.
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J-Rus 2.0
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Making it easy on Mett. & the Titans keep making dumbass decisions.
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