The Detroit Lions playing on Thanksgiving is one tradition head coach Dan Campbell is all in on. Eating turkey? Not so much...
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The Torch3 months
"$120! One HUNDRED Twenty Dollars! WOW! Last time I looked it was $20."

Sleepy Joe has to get a cut now
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cajunmud3 months
I looked up Honey-Baked Ham the other day. I seemed to be always given one around this time of year, years ago, and thought I might buy one.

$120! One HUNDRED Twenty Dollars! WOW! Last time I looked it was $20.

The destruction of our money continues unabated.
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Montezuma3 months
I tried to buy some cranberries. A dollar per cranberry!
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carhartt3 months
How the hell is someone’s food choice controversial?
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jmh57243 months
Everything is controversial when you’re a click bait journalist.
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Tshiz3 months
A man’s man. Turkey is overrated. Spiral cut honey ham is GOAT
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slackster3 months
Ham is unequivocally better than turkey. Cranberry sauce sucks.

But dressing is a must have too. Bread, cornbread, oyster, rice, they’re all good.
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