Former LSU Tiger LaRon Landry is currently unsigned and suspended for a PED violation, but don't tell his arms that...
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Dear lord. They might explode.
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betweenthebara108 months
You just know he's the douchebag in the gym making a shite ton of noise while lifting.
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TNTigerman108 months
If he plans on playing more football, I hope he understands that arms like that will slow him down. It's like carrying around 2-3 lb. weights on each arm. Maybe he's planning to quit football and hit the bodybuilder tour.
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SamuelClemens108 months
Dawan Landry is normal strong looking compared to Laron. The STRONG runs deep in that family!
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EddieHewitt108 months
LaRon then crushed Larry's head. THE END
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JJSTIGER108 months
Time to hit the shoulders!!!
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Weaver108 months
Seriously he looks like those dudes in that commercial where everyone in the town has a huge arm wrestling arm.
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Spirit of Dunson108 months
Looks ok I guess. Wait til Moffit gets a hold of him, though!
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Tantal108 months
Needs to cut back on the juice or just quit football altogether and go into bodybuilding. Carrying that kind of weight slows him down and makes him a liability in coverage.
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Mulerider108 months
His arms don't have to tell the PED's anything. The PED's are speaking loud and clear by themselves!

Geaux Tigers!
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SpartyGator108 months
Holy crap!
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Fins up108 months
This guy ain't on any PED... Stop those rumors lol
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Hugo Stiglitz108 months
What happen to him wearing a collared shirt when he worked out?!?!
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SECdragonmaster108 months
Coming soon to the WWE.
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Pavoloco83108 months
Does that dude keep getting whiter as his nads get smaller?
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lsu480108 months
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