Apparently, Hall of Fame d-lineman Warren Sapp needs to update his address. Because on Saturday his bankruptcy papers where accidentally sent to former Saints TE Jeremy Shockey's house. How that happens I don't know. But Shockey wasted no time posting the docs to social media...
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Shockey and Sapp have a past of going at one another, and not in a friendly way.
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Mouche33794 months
That real shady on Shockey's part. I get the fact that you and Stop had beef, but dude neither of you are in the league. In fact, both of you have been retired for a quite some time. Get over it and move on. You making yourself look bad by doing that. Lost a lot of respect for you due to this. Dick move man, dick move...
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prplhze200094 months
Larry, you don't know what you are talking about. Anyone can get those papers out of Pacer. See the printing on the top of the pages. What probably happened was someone printed them out and gave then to Shockey. I seriously doubt they were mailed to him UNLESS Shockey was named on the list of creditors.
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Placebeaux94 months
Damn, How many hookers did Sapp buy?
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StrangeBrew94 months
So Shockey openers Sapps mail? Uh that's a felony.
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supadave394 months
That's a dick move on Shockeys part.
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Ragin' Tiger94 months
Extremely dick.
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dbeck94 months
I'm going to buy you a dictionary.
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