Herschel Walker No-Showed His First Major Debate Saturday
Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports
Herschel Walker, the former football star turned political candidate, was a no-show at his first major debate for the Republican U.S. Senate race in Georgia that was held on Saturday...

“Former football great Herschel Walker skipped the first major Republican U.S. Senate debate, but his absence at the event in Gainesville on Saturday helped shape the back-and-forth among the five candidates who showed up” the Atlanta Journal-Constitution wrote.
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user avatar
kkv7523 months
He's a moron. Trumpians unite!!
user avatar
eddieray23 months
Muh dems
user avatar
Metaloctopus23 months
No one watches senate debates. No one is helping themselves by attending that. No one asks real questions in those things. They just try to find something negative to say about whoever they don't like, and see if they can get a response.
user avatar
YMCA23 months
Winning w/o attending the debate is the biggest FU he can drop.
user avatar
FlexDawg23 months
No one cares. He’s going to win.
user avatar
DeafVallyBatnR23 months
Maybe he is going to win without the debate.
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