Former ESPN NFL analyst turned college football head coach Trent Dilfer shared at a 2000 Baltimore Ravens team event that he's not impressed by the current game...
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Albino Potato16 months
I think what needs to be remembered is each era on sports is its own. But what can’t be denied is the skill of these guys is night and day to back then. Not a shot at them at all. If they had todays modern medicine and training then sure it would be different. What stands out to me is the size. Look at the average lineman back then and look at these beasts today. Not only big but the speed of the game is crazy.
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iglass16 months
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Strannix16 months
DILBERT was arse, he had a goat defense, maybe worst QB ever to win SB
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Morpheus16 months
Him or Brad with the same kinda Defense running the show
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Wabbit716 months
Dilfer is a Dilder
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Giantkiller16 months
The last thing I remember about Dilfer was how mad he was when Tebow was on that win streak and won a playoff game for Denver 15 years ago.
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Tshiz16 months
Trent Dilfer is irrelevant. So there’s that
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slinger131716 months
Old Man Yells at Cloud
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GoldenAge16 months
I agree that the old NFL was a harder hitting game, but let's not act like too many of the old QBs would make it in today's game. Arm strength and accuracy were nothing like it is today.
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cajunmud16 months
Johnny U was pretty accurate.
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SomeLSUguy16 months
The man has a point... That being said, I still think what Brady and Rogers have done is impressive relative to today's game. But it is def an "easier" game for a QB than it was for those old timers.
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