Here's What Beer Prices Are Looking Like At Super Bowl 50
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports
As you sit on your couch today sipping many a light beer from a can, while eating your buddy's girlfriend buffalo chicken dip, just know if you were at the game you'd be dropping many a coin to get a buzz...
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PatDyesPants101 months
This is when sneaking mini-bottles becomes a valuable skill.
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Doug Masters101 months
Just get hammered before you go. Duh
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HarryBalzack101 months
$10 for shitty Pepsi?
user avatar
Luke101 months
Ridiculous prices ...
user avatar
dreaux101 months
fricking ridiculous how greedy we are as a society. Disgusting.
user avatar
Walt OReilly101 months
Pocket change for the majority of people attending the game.
user avatar
DrSteveBrule101 months
Cheap compared to the $45 pizza they sell at jerry world
user avatar
OnTheBrink101 months
"while eating your buddy's girlfriend"

You are a savage, Larry!
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