Here's What Beer Prices Are Looking Like At Super Bowl 50
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports
As you sit on your couch today sipping many a light beer from a can, while eating your buddy's girlfriend buffalo chicken dip, just know if you were at the game you'd be dropping many a coin to get a buzz...
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OnTheBrink100 months
"while eating your buddy's girlfriend"

You are a savage, Larry!
user avatar
DrSteveBrule100 months
Cheap compared to the $45 pizza they sell at jerry world
user avatar
Walt OReilly100 months
Pocket change for the majority of people attending the game.
user avatar
dreaux100 months
fricking ridiculous how greedy we are as a society. Disgusting.
user avatar
Luke100 months
Ridiculous prices ...
user avatar
HarryBalzack100 months
$10 for shitty Pepsi?
user avatar
Doug Masters100 months
Just get hammered before you go. Duh
user avatar
PatDyesPants100 months
This is when sneaking mini-bottles becomes a valuable skill.
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