Former NFL QB Carson Palmer Sold This $18M Del Mar Mansion To Google Ventures Founder
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports
Remember former Bengals and Cardinals QB Carson Palmer? Well, he just sold his SoCal mansion for $18 million to Google Ventures Bill Maris...

Earlier this year, the former NFL quarterback sold the incredible 6,580-square-foot mansion he custom-built back in 2015 ... but nobody seemed to know the identity of the buyer, until now.

Enter Bill Maris ... a super successful tech investor who famously founded Google Ventures back in 2009.

Maris now runs his own venture fund in San Diego -- and was clearly looking for a badass place to settle down.

So, when he saw the unreal modern pad that Palmer built ... he pounced (according to Variety) -- and once you look at the pics, it's pretty obvious why he had to have it.

The modern-styled crib is wild -- it's got incredible views of the ocean, outdoor kitchen, infinity pool, spa, rooftop deck ... and even a bocce ball court!!

And, hopefully, Maris likes whips, 'cause the place has a 10-car garage!!

The whole mansion -- listed by Rande Turner of Ranch and Coast Real Estate -- is decked out in the latest tech ... with all the lights, sound and security systems controlled with a hand-held device.
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auburnu00841 months
Anyone who uses the term "whip" to describe a car is gay as frick.
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Hangit41 months
This is like Les Miles getting an apt. just off campus. It is a minor real estate decision to give him somewhere to nap when the day is long.
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Kreg Jennings41 months
Les liked the co-eds. A lot.
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