Detroit Lions WR Calvin Johnson Has Announced His Retiring
Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports
Detroit Lions WR Calvin Johnson has finally made the decision to retire. The team announced in a statement on Tuesday morning that Johnson filed retirement papers today, a day before the NFL new league year which starts on Wednesday. Megatron is only 30-years-old. Kind of crazy, but good for him.

What do you think? Should he hang it up so soon?
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gameovergt97 months
good for him. He will be able to walk in his 40's.
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czarcasm7697 months
Retiring early in Michigan, must be in the water.
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Datbayoubengal97 months
Man what are y'all talking about. With the money he was making, you don't actually need to invest or not by anything expensive. Dude could have bought 2 million in cars, 5 mill in houses and had a spending budget outside of that other stuff at 300 thousand a year (3 mill in 10 year), and still would be loaded. That I mention would only equal to his 1st year salary in the league plus signing bonus (AFTER you take out taxes). So are people saying he can't live off 40+ mill (after expenses above), plus whatever he got in endorsement deals unless he invested and/or was frugal?
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tirebiter97 months
Not hard to believe with what had become chronic injuries to his lower extremities and resultant lingering pain. Don't think he bought any Bentleys, et al through the years. Average career span in the NFL is declining.
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drizztiger97 months
What's up with Detroit Lions superstars hanging 'em up so early. GOAT Barry Sanders did same thing. I guess Detroit is worse than we all thought.
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pellietigersaint97 months
I guess thats what happens when you invest your millions wisely, instead of making is rain like thug trash (see pac-man). you can actually retire before you are crippled
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LetGeauxMyEggo97 months
Hard to believe
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