Dallas Goedert Punch Suspect Says He Was Protecting Friends, Shows Injury Photos
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Last week, video surfaced of Philadelphia Eagles TE Dallas Goedert getting sucker punched while he and his family were out for dinner in South Dakota. Now we hear the other side of the story from Kyle Hadala...

Hadala insists Goedert and his friends had been "harassing" them at a previous bar over the choice of music they were playing on the jukebox.

"They were extremely aggressive and disrespectful," Hadala says.

The group moved to a new spot -- the Zoo Bar -- but Hadala says Goedert and his crew followed them with bad intentions. Very soon, according to Hadala, the situation escalated.

"They picked out my smaller colleague from the group, got in his face, and made very threatening remarks toward his personal well-being," Hadala tells us.

"Then one of his crew told my other colleague, and I quote, 'You’re just a fat f**king p*ssy. I'll beat the s*** out of you.'"

Hadala says Dallas put his hand on his friend -- which you can see in the video ... and that's when Hadala decided to take action.

"At this point, I was in fear for both of my friends' well-being especially due to the fact there were 10 of them and we were not familiar with the area," Hadala says.

"I protected my friend and then was ambushed by 5 to 7 individuals that punched, kicked, threw beer bottles, etc., trying to cause me bodily harm which I received medical treatment at the hospital for my injuries the next day."
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Thugs being thugs
Reply1 month
This guy is lying.
Reply1 month
the description he using is 100% from his lawyer. Nobody speaks like that. lol
Reply1 month
There was enough in the video to show that he's at least partially lying. The guy that Goedert pushed back before he was punched was clearly standing next to Goedert and leaning into his face in an aggressive stance before Goedert put out his arm to move him back. In the moments before the punch, dude's friend was definitely the aggressor. Also, on the other side Goedert wasn't just out with his for dinner. It was 1 am at a bar.
Reply1 month
I love how they say Dallas was with his family. It paints a picture he was with his wife and kids or his parents. he was likely with a brother and a cousin with 8 other friends getting hammered.
Reply1 month
so you resort to violence and then are surprised when the other party resorts to.........wait for it......violence?
Reply1 month
Dallas looked to be deescalating the situation. he even has a beer in hand, not looking to throw a punch. he was definitely sucker punched.
1 month
@mouth that's my point. Dude was crying that he got his arse beat. he should not have punched homeboy
1 month
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