Check Out This Year's Best Super Bowl Prop Bets
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Doing prop bets is one of the more fun things to do to during the Super Bowl. OddsShark and Bovada released their prop betting for this year’s game between the Broncos and Panthers...

How many times will “dab” or “dabbing” be said by the announcers during the broadcast?
Over 2: even
Under 2: -140

Which will be higher?
Trump percentage points in the New Hampshire primary: -200
Total points scored by the winning Super Bowl team: +150

Will Left Shark make an appearance during the halftime show?
Yes: +1,500

Will Panthers wide receiver Ted Ginn Jr. drop a pass?
Yes: -120
No: -120

If Stephen Curry is shown during the broadcast will he be wearing:
Personalized Steph Curry Panthers jersey: even
Cam Newton jersey: +300
Any other Carolina jersey: +500
No jersey: +200

Will Manning be shown crying at any point in the broadcast?
Yes: +600
No: -1,200

Will Mike Carey be wrong about a challenge?
Yes: +135
No: -175

Will Manning announce his retirement in a postgame interview?
Yes: +500
No: -1,000
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BowlJackson97 months
If anybody wants some easy money:

-Over 2 mentions of dabbing
-No Left Shark
-Ted Ginn will drop a pass
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saint tiger22597 months
Can someone explain how these spreads work on prop bets? I'm curious about that.
user avatar
TheWalrus97 months
Mike Carey one is my favorite
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