Chad Johnson Is Kicking 60-Yard Flied Goal, Will Try Out For The XFL As A Kicker
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports
Former NFL star WR Chad Johnson, aka Ocho Cinco, is scheduled to try out for the XFL next Monday as a kicker...
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The leg looking good though...

I’m going back to the @nfl as a kicker next year, i spoke with Goodell and i will get the opportunity. I’m good from 60 & 70 yards if i had a cleat on my plant foot.

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Gaston49 months
He was too damn happy for that not to be luck. There are sophomores in high school that kick 65 yarders.
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ShortyRob49 months
I want to see this. And I want him to be a backup receiver. And be a place kicker who also catches touchdown passes
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JackieTreehorn49 months
I love that crazy bastard
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wizziko49 months
He's an amazing Twitter follow
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