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Amazon Prime will stream all Thursday Night Football games starting next season. NBC's Peter King is saying that Amazon has a strong desire to stream a game on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. Do we want this? I wouldn't mind a game while everyone's out shopping...

Amazon Prime has wanted a Black Friday game—a game on the Friday after Thanksgiving—as part of its schedule in 2022, or at the latest by 2023. This resolution gave the NFL the ability to take two more teams and make them play, in this case, on the Friday following a Sunday game.

All sounds great … except the deal’s not done yet. It’s not as easy as it seems. There’s some opposition in the league about playing a game on Nov. 25, and there’s a decent chance the NFL will put off a Black Friday game on Amazon Prime till 2023. But it’s going to happen, I’m told, by next year at the latest.

Amazon has made a huge bid for the game. I’m told it’s between $70 million and $100 million for a Black Friday game, which would be added to the current package. (That’s in the same neighborhood of what network partners have paid for wild-card playoff games recently.) Seems like a win-win.
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Laugh More25 months
Gets more people to stay home and watch football. More people staying home means more people buying from Amazon at home.
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Texas Weazel25 months
Black Friday is for College Football. frick off you liberal Yankee league!
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T25 months
There haven’t been huge rivalry black Friday games in college football in 25 years.
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GusAU25 months
In response to "T", yea, the 2009 and 2010 Iron Bowls, both played on Black Friday and both in which the winner ended up winning the National Championship that year, aren't very big rivalry games. Maybe the Iron Bowl will eventually receive "huge rivalry" status
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pwejr8825 months
I’m in support for more football any day they want to give it. I’d watch seven days if it was on seven days
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TheEnglishman25 months
guys sitting watching the game getting bombed by amazon ads.... this is a great scheme to get more purchases on black friday
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