Jimmy Graham Reaches Out To Devastated 7-Year-Old Girl Fan
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports
After the Saints traded TE Jimmy Graham to the Seattle Seahawks on Tuesday, this seven-year-old girl was very sad...

Well, after seeing this Graham reached out to the little girl. Per The Post & Courier...

“…don’t cry for Lexia, she’s doing much better now, her mom says, after receiving a flood of supportive messages from both Saints and Seahawks fans — and Graham himself, who sent them a message inviting Lexia to Seattle for the Seahawks’ opening game. “She felt a lot better when Jimmy reached out to her,” Ashley-Ann Woods said. “He said watching the video made him smile. She said, ‘Mom, I made Jimmy smile.’ To her that was the most important thing…
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Dale3107 months
Videoing and driving - Not safe mom!
user avatar
whoisnickdoobs107 months
In all honesty, my initial reaction was quite similar.
user avatar
OleRockyTop107 months
I find if hard to believe el gato story
user avatar
3HourTour107 months
If Drew would have been traded I would have posted a very similar video of myself.
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el gato107 months
To GeauxTGRZ: You dumbass. The real POS is you. The reason that was being filmed is because the little girl's father is stationed in Kuwait, and the mom routinely sends videos to dad. The mom actually had to be talked into posting the video online by a cousin.
user avatar
Gugich22107 months
Bandwagon fan
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rantfan107 months
The little girl's emotions were genuine. Guddos to Jimmy
user avatar
GeauxTGRZ107 months
The real POS is the parents filming this crap
user avatar
diddydirtyAubie107 months
These people just copied the Panthers fan when Steve Smith left.
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