After TCU QB Trevone Boykin made a nice little run Thursday night, West Virginia head coach Dana Holgorsen gave him a high-five for his effort. If your a player on his team, do you want your coach doing this?

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PurpleNGold100 months
Somehow I don't see this catching on in the SEC.
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siliconvalleytiger100 months
It's a respectful, 'you got me' high 5. Nothing wrong with that.
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Breaux100 months
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Jagd Tiger100 months
only one thing about this, if you say "nice play" in a disappointed voice, (ie the other team) it could easily come off as fake and condescending, where as a high(or low) five is an obvious legit display of respect.
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zmoney2613100 months

I mean really?

And there is no big deal in a coach showing some respect for a good player. I rather that than some of those idiot coaches that get caught tripping and pushing down players.
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MSG100 months
"You're" Larry. For fricks sake
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pellietigersaint100 months
Dana!!!!!!!! Go choctaws
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genro100 months
That was a low-five, Larry. Come on.
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CajunAlum Tiger Fan100 months
Why is this a story? It's no big deal for a coach to appreciate an opposing player or play.
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