Here's something that'll make you feel old going into the weekend. Check out Patrick Ewing's Georgetown players see if they know his teammates from those tough Knicks teams from the 1990s...
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GeauxTigers010717 months
That was fun
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genuineLSUtiger17 months
Man, the times have passed Gen X by.
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Scatback116 months
This, from the generation trying to convince me, with absolute certainty, that Labron is the GOAT. Is that at Isaiah Thomas... Or David Robinson? I don't know (Charles Oakley), but he swoll. Mark Jackson... Yes, the guy from TV. Funny.
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ghost2most17 months
That white dude must have never seen one minute of highlights from 80s/90s NBA. Insane. Dumbfrick thought Gerald Wilkins was Isiah Thomas. Not even the right team. How do you get to D1 and have no idea of the history of the game. Not talking about dudes that played in the 50s.
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