Clemson lost to ACC rival Duke 28-7 on Monday. In the middle of the third quarter, with Clemson trailing 13-7, QB Cade Klubnik came off the field on fourth down, where Dabo Swinney was ready to shake his hand, but...
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Spoonbilla11 months
It was the second time in the game that he ignored Dabo coming off the field. It was clear last season that those 2 do not like each other. Remember when Chad Kelly slapped Dabo across the lips?
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ImBatman11 months
Looks like Dabo got his feeling hurt.
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Trumansfangs11 months
Cringe !
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scrooster11 months
Oh snap
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gamecockman1211 months
I despise Clemson, but it just looked like the QB was frustrated and gave a poor attempt at a hand slap.
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CajunBullet11 months
Dabo isn't happy!
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Timeoday11 months
Daboooo now saying it ain't fair other ACC teams can beat Clemson.
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NebraskaExPat11 months
Another 'bunch of nothing' that is typical of these stories. I doubt the player even saw the hand held out to shake. It looks like he was looking at someone else on the sidelines and was going straight there.

What bugs me the most is that I fall for these headlines and click on the link, giving the headline writer the reward with more clicks.
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Bayoubred11 months
Uhhmmm that was the worst take I've seen today. What QB coming off the field doesn't come straight for the Head Coach and at least acknowledge the attaboy?
That kid thinks too much of himself...
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BayouTiga11 months
Yep, 'click bait'!
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ALhunter11 months
Plenty of reasons to skip the "attaboy"... college offenses try to adapt constantly over the course of a game depending on what the defense is showing. Could simply be rushing to the headset to communicate what he saw to his coordinator. Not unusual at all.
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