I admire this student's gusto, but also, come on kid...
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LSU FSU Grad22 months
280 likes and 19 retweets does NOT equal viral.
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HoustonGumbeauxGuy22 months
That student knows about all of the hot pussy at Tech
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HeadSlash22 months
The SEC doesn't need Texas or Oklahoma. The SEC just wants their money. Pigs get fatter, hogs go to slaughter.
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Leopold22 months
Austin's only a six hour drive to Lubbock. Kid can't go to both class and the game?
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Morpheus22 months
Of all the interesting stuff in the world to talk about you have really outdone yourself this time Larry
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KAGTASTIC22 months
Ummmm why is the "sensitive" marker on this?
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Teddy Ruxpin22 months
In 2005, a professor I had at LSU let students going to Knoxville take the exam the following week. Which I did go to and take the test later. This seems minor in comparison.
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MackDaddyBrown22 months
gOinG vIrAl
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