TCU Has Hired Sonny Dykes As New Head Coach
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According to ESPN radio host Ian Fitzsimmons, TCU has hired SMU head coach Sonny Dykes as their new head football coach...
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LSU$$$27 months
I remember when money was no object for SMU
user avatar
ElTigreFuego27 months
Do you also remember when Craig James killed five hookers over there?
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Leopold27 months
We matched the offer for him and his assistants. It's a better program right now, I have to acknowledge that. But I hope they're ready for the Late Season Lay Down that always seems to happen with CSD.
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BLD27 months
That’s blasphemy int the DFW world
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jlnoles7927 months
Hope to see him wearing "Fort Worth" on his coaches polo next season
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