Washington State coach Mike Leach Thinks California Should Clean Their Streets Before They Pay Colle
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When asked about California’s Fair Pay to Play Act, which would give college athletes in the state the right to profit from their likeness and endorsements, Washington State head coach Mike Leach had Mike Leach thoughts...
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Why does this guy get so much attention. He’s a flake. Probably a member of QAnon
Reply27 days
Truth hurts
24 days
Leach is such money!!
Reply27 days
GD I love Mike Leach. Bring that man to Arkansas post haste
Reply27 days
That's where we need to build a wall, around California. Would that be a market for California? Could we sell them?
Reply27 days
A mother fricking national treasure
Reply28 days
I’m all for a stipend for the players but this “sell their likeness” is only going to help the blue blood programs even more because they will buy up more player merchandise than the less rabid fan bases. I did the math and even a thousand dollar a month stipend comes to one million, twenty thousand a year per program. With a thousand a month the players could afford a car note and still have cash in their pockets. They already eat like kings and have room and board.
Reply28 days
I forgot to mention health care too. The players get quality health care and if there are any injuries sustained while they are playing the players should have health care beyond their eligibility.
28 days
Currently, if an athlete has an injury, if they have private insurance it is billed first then the school covers the rest of the cost. If they were to ever pay college athletes why should they have healthcare beyond there eligibility?
28 days
FowlGuy I meant if an ncaa player sustains an injury that causes them medical problems beyond their eligibility, then they should be taken care of however long it takes.
27 days
One day, California will not be part of the UNITED states, libtards
Reply28 days
Low educated baffoon ^^^
28 days
@TT9 I have two Bachelors degrees and a Masters degree what you got baw?
28 days
TT9 thinks poindexters who created teen girl applications like Instagram are the best and brightest of our nation. "Higher education" apparently means reducing your city to 3rd world, feudal system not seen since the dark ages.
28 days
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