This Michigan fan popped a bottle of champagne and sprayed it all over his party in celebration as the now infamous 4th down play was about to go down against Michigan State. Warning: language is NSFW...

The damage aftermath included...

4 holes in our house walls, every table was flipped, beer cans every where. My bedroom door is broke. We started drinking at 9am, so we were pretty f*cked up. We’re still not done cleaning. Kind of embarrassing, but whatever. All our guess we’re drunk also, so I don’t think they judged to much
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pellietigersaint105 months
strong possibility this was reenacted after the fact (DVR) make a cute little video
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RandySavage105 months
If real, probably not, but if so that's how you melt.
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Choctaw105 months
that dude would've gotten his arse kicked and thrown out in his underwear. bunch of pussies letting some drunk ginger destroy their house.
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SamuelClemens105 months
All our "guess" we're drunk... Don't think they judged "to" much

That UM degree tho!
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"All our guess were drunk also"
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gizmoflak105 months
the melt is not real
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BullredsRus104 months
Fake, and the fact that they had several grammatical errors tells you that Mich St. fans did it in an attempt to make Michigan fans look uneducated.
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Honkus105 months
fake and gay
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