Memphis Coach Grabs Fan Trying To Storm Field, Picks Him Up And Throws Him Back In Stands
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This coach was not having it. Not today, son, not today...

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You think he could beat coach Ed?
Reply29 days
Obviously racist.
Reply29 days
this is exactly what it would look like if a liberal army ever took the field of battle against conservatives.
Reply29 days
How is this where your brain goes? Straight to division and violence like one would imagine of an undeveloped mind. This is hilarious.Can you not simply enjoy humor? It isn’t even in words, it is of moving pictures that even your little brain should be able to process.
29 days
Is that all yall think about 24/7?
29 days
SwampGar just did to HalfCocked what the coach in the video did to that kid.
25 days
The possibility of him getting laid the rest of his college stay just took a major hit.
Reply29 days
Like a boss
Reply29 days
Held him like he was a baby.
Reply29 days
Wonder when he will sue for his feelings being hurt?
29 days
CDawson, sounds like your feelings may be on the verge of being hurt to bring up a totally unrelated comparison. Do you need someone to hold you like a baby to make the mean people and their words go away?
29 days
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