How dumb is this? Maryland was assessed a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty before the game even started. They were flagged after captains P.J. Gallo, Sean Davis, and Stefon Diggs refused to shake hands with Penn State's captains during the coin toss. Welcome to the Big Ten conference Terps, you'll fit right in...

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Volvagia112 months
Is there backstory to this?

Or is it just them thinking they had some moral high ground and they were doing it to Penn State from the Sandusky fiasco.
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TutHillTiger112 months
Really that is the most chicken shite thing I have ever seen. What a fricking example Terps. Coach should be fined a years salary, and those players should have to sit out a game.
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JumpingTheShark112 months
This is so childish, I would be embarrassed if I was their coach.
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UnAnon112 months
I'd have felt so fricking disrespected.
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400lb. Ape112 months
TPOS maryland
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